Cardboard Boxes and other materials for moving house.

Choosing the right cardboard box and packing materials for the job is crucial.
At we can supply products for every requirement.

A brief guide is shown below.

Removal Boxes.

Use our experience! As well as individuals, we supply many removal companies with boxes for moving house. Remember, you need to be able to pick your carton up when it is full and you should be able to comfortably move through a door-way with your arms either side of the case.
Also, you may wish to store your possessions on a longer term and again there may be restrictions on access. Finally, no friend, or indeed professional removal company, will thank you for filling too large a box that requires a two man lift! Of course we are happy to supply any size box from our enormous stock range, but generally speaking there are five sizes that are normally used. In each case the boxes are heavy duty double wall and suitable for long distance domestic and export use.

Never be tempted to use a single wall carton for removal use. Breakages are inevitable.

Reference. Book Box / Crockery Box

Medium 457mm x 305mm x 252mm (18" x 12" x 10")
Large 457mm x 457mm x 305mm (18" x 18" x 12")

Naturally, a case full of books or crockery is very heavy. The carton supplied for this should always be heavy duty (double wall). This is absolutely essential if your items are fragile or you intend to stack the boxes.

Reference. General Purpose Removal

Medium 570mm x 280mm x 370mm (22.5" x 11" x 14.5")

Large 605mm x 380mm x 405mm (24"x 15" x 16")

Two good size heavy duty (double wall) boxes. Optimum dimensions for manageable lifting, yet large enough to accommodate most household items. When filled sensibly, you can stack these cartons without risk of crushing your belongings and re-use them for storage in you garage or loft space.

Reference. Wardrobe Cartons

Large 508mm x 457 x 1244mm (20" x 18" x 48") with rail

These excellent cases are supplied complete with a hanging rail to prevent your clothing becoming crushed or damaged whilst in transit or storage.

Manufactured from heavy duty (double wall) board and printed with 'fragile' and 'this way up' text, hand holes for lifting are included, these boxes will also fit through most loft hatches, enabling storage of your winter or summer clothing and freeing up valuable space in your bedrooms.
Simply open the door and hang your clothes on the rail. There is also room at the base of the carton for footwear!

Bubble Wrap

We stock many different widths of bubble film. You will be surprised at how much you use and to this end we do not waste your time with retail length packs.

All of our rolls measure no less than 75 metres and the following three widths are those most commonly used when moving house.

300mm (12") x 75 metres
750mm (30") x 75 metres
1200mm (48") x 75 metres

Wrapping Papers

Tissue Paper - 450mm x 700mm (18" x 28") - 480 sheets per pack

It is absolutely essential that where a soft protective wrapping is required, you use a tissue that is 'Acid Free'. We do not supply conventional tissue for packing and moving unless specifically requested. Why? Simple. If you are wrapping metallic items i.e. pewter, silver-ware or gold or silver rimmed crockery, the acid content in standard tissue may cause tarnishing. This is easily avoided with our specialist paper and at no extra premium.

White News Offcuts - 500mm x 750mm (20" x 30") - 5 kilos per pack

For general purpose wrapping and packing this is the paper generally used. Also used for wrapping fish and chips! This is a robust large white sheet averaging between 205 and 250 sheets per pack.

Adhesive Tapes

Buff Case Sealing / Parcel Tape

Because it has to 'get there in the best possible condition', we only supply quality, 1st grade parcel tapes. Unlike many retail packs, our buff tape measure a full 66 metres in length and is 50mm (2") wide to ensure a good seal.

'Fragile' Tape

Having spent time wrapping and packing your belongings properly, it makes sense to ensure that your fragile items are marked appropriately. Our tape is printed in bold red letters on a white background 'FRAGILE' and again is 50mm (2") wide and 66 metres long.

Naturally, we cannot give an exact guide to the amount of materials you may need to ensure you a smooth move, but based on experience, the most popular packages are included on the House moving page.